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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why was my withdrawal not approved?
A: You need to have a deposit to request a withdrawal.  No payments or withdrawals are made to members that have no deposits. 

If you get an error stating  that "You can not withdraw more than" a certain amount, then it is time to make another deposit because you have reached your withdrawal limit.

Interesting Matrix is a doubler with a 2X withdrawal limit.  If you have doubled or nearly doubled your income then consider to continue to support Interesting Matrix by doubling again with a fresh deposit.

Q: What are the withdrawal fees?
A: There are no fees for Payza or Solid Trust Pay.  There is a fee of $2.00 to $10.00 fee for Bitcoin withdrawals, or the minimum sending fee.  We try our best to use Bitcoin wallets who charge the lowest fees.

Q: Are there any purchase limits?
A: You are limited to 2 purchases per day.  If you would like more, you can pay a $9.95 upgrade fee for unlimited purchases.

Q: Do I need referrals in order to earn?
  • You do not need referrals as this program is passive but you will need to wait for members to be placed below you.  You may need to wait one month or one year, as there are no guarantees.
  • If you do refer, you are rewarded with faster cycling and matching bonuses.
Q: What do I get with my Free Pro Membership ($5 value)?
A:  You get 20,000 text and banner credits, and the ability to purchase Ad Packs and earn.  Just email us or send a support ticket to claim your free advertising credits.  This free offer may end at anytime.
Q: Should I buy Mini Matrix Packs or Wolf Packs?
A: The Mini Matrix costs 25 cents and it is $1.75 for the Wolf Packs.  If you have the funds, buy the Wolf Packs because those are newer but if you don't have enough, then get the Mini Matrix. 
Q: What is Beta Launch mean?
A: It is just like a Pre Launch, but you can deposit, earn, and withdraw.  Beta launch means you are testing features of a website that are not proven.  In this case, the Pay Plans are still so new and experimental and have yet to be proven.
Q: Are the matrixes company forced or personal forced?
A: Interesting Matrix uses a hybrid plan that combines personal forced and company forced matrixes.  Your first position in any plan is personal forced, and every position after your first is company forced.
Q: How long do withdrawals take?
A: Withdrawals take 1 to 14 business days.  Payza withdrawals average 3 to 7 business days.  We don't like it, but they hold our funds for 3 business days.
Q: I have a question that is not answered yet. How can I get help?
A: Just contact us and we will gladly answer you, or try our Live Chat for instant help.


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