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$5 Cycler - The Wolf Pack

$5 Per Ad Pack - Cycle With 2 - Free $5 Revenue Share

50% of all purchases are in profit.  We don't make you wait until the later stages to profit.  We put you in profit in Phase 1!

The Wolf Pack Cycler is a 100% company forced matrix plan, where everyone that purchases after you, is in your downline and helps you.

All Phases are 2X1
No Referring Needed

Only $5 Per Position

Pay Plan:
Phase 1: $5.50 ---> In Profit!
Phase 2: $ .25
Phase 3: $1.00
Phase 4: $2.00
Phase 5: $3.00
Phase 6: $6.00
Phase 7: $10.00
Phase 8: $30.00
Phase 9: $250.00 ---> You Have Made 60 X Your Money!!!

Referral Plan:
Level 1: 5%

Matching Bonuses:
Phase 1: 4.5%
Phase 3: 50%
Phase 5: 33%
Phase 7: 20%
Phase 9: 20%

Super Awesome Bonus:
Get 1 Free $5 Interesting Ad Pack and earn cash back rebates while waiting to cycle.

This is also the only cycler where people will cycle without new members.

Each day we share the profits of the company to ensure there is movement. Finally a matrix that won't stall.

No Subscriptions
No Repurchase Rules
No Upgrade Requirements
Anti-Stall features

$2 Hybrid - Regenerating Share

$1 Revenue Share with $1 Forced Matrix

A hybrid is a combination of 2 types of Plans.  So with this $2 hybrid plan, funds are distributed as follows:

$1 Interesting Ad Pack
$1 into a 2X1 Matrix

Your 1st purchase of your Hybrid Pack will go under your sponsor.  Your 2nd and every purchase after will place you Next in Line for your Hybrid Pack to regenerate.  When you reach the top of the Next in Line, your pack will "regenerate."

When your Hybrid Pack regenerates or cycles, you'll earn:
$0.25 paid to you for cycling
$0.10 paid to your sponsor (matching bonus)
2 Matrix 1 positions (valued at 25 cents each)
$1 Interesting Ad pack and finally
Free Re-Entry to do it over and over again

Your $2 purchase of a Hybrid Pack will generate you $1 Interesting Ad Packs for life.  This is the best, spend and forget plan you will ever find.

Be among your friends.

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