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Wolf Pack V2 - Hybrid Forced Matrix

$0.90 Per Ad Pack

2X10 Forced Matrix
Level Spots Bonus Total
1 2 $0.03 $0.06
2 4 $0.03 $0.12
3 8 $0.04 $0.32
4 16 $0.04 $0.64
5 32 $0.05 $1.60
6 64 $0.05 $3.20
7 128 $0.06 $7.68
8 256 $0.06 $15.36
9 512 $0.12 $61.44
10 1024 $0.25 $256.00
    Total $346.42

Earn 5 cents per direct referral's purchase.

It is hybrid because it combines personal forced matrix with company forced matrix.

Company forced allows members to go beneath you even if you do nothing and can't refer. However you'll need to wait for your downline as the company and the marketers will be filling people's positions in order.

Personal forced means you are rewarded for your efforts and everyone you sponsor goes directly beneath you for faster bonuses and earnings.

Your first purchase goes under your sponsor (personal forced).

Your second purchase and the rest goes under the oldest position in the matrix (company forced). So this means everyone's second purchase is helping to fill your downline.

This is also the only matrix where people will have a downline without new members.

Each day we share the profits of the company to ensure there is movement. Finally a matrix that won't stall.

Wolf Pack Catalyst - Hybrid Feeder

$3.65 Per Ad Pack

2X1 Forced Matrix


Pay Plan:
2X1 Modified Hybrid Matrix

Payout: $3.65 X 2 = $7.30
$3.65 for re-entry
$0.75 cycle bonus
$0.25 matching bonus to sponsor
$1.80 for 2 re-entries to Wolf Pack V2
$0.60 for old Wolf Packs
$0.25 for development

Your 1st Catalyst purchase will go under your sponsor, and subsequent purchases will go under the oldest position in the matrix. Re-entries go under the sponsor, so the Catalyst is very powerful if you have a downline.

Everyday the company will add 2 Catalysts to ensure at least 1 Catalyst will cycle daily.

For every 2 Catalysts purchased by your downline, you get 2 Wolf Packs. So on paper, every Catalyst purchased by your downline gives you 1 free Wolf Pack (in increments of 2....they buy 2, you get 2). As they cycle the Catalyst, you will cycle the Catalyst, giving you even more Wolf Packs.

No Subscriptions
No Repurchase Rules
Limit 2 Per Day
Anti-Stall Features

Be among your friends.


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